my favourite person has heard of my favourite band oh god cr i e s 

not sure why but felt like it needs to be brought back. 
psst. Gerard. I heard you’re going on tour soon…


my favourite person has heard of my favourite band oh god cr i e s 

not sure why but felt like it needs to be brought back. 

psst. Gerard. I heard you’re going on tour soon…


Have you guys heard of Dead? They’re a band inspired by MCR. They’re REAAAALLY good. Find them on YouTube. There in the UK, so I can’t see them live yet. I have to say, Beautiful Broken Bones is my favorite song by them.

Great Emo Bands You May Have Forgotten About

2004-2008 may as well be known as ‘Emo High Time’ and yes, a lot of awful music was released (and hyped) then, but let’s not forget, it was also a glorious time for the music industry all around. It was exciting and I am glad I was in my teens then as I could not imagine being 16 now – I mean, nowadays you got to really SEARCH for good music, not because suddenly there is no good music, more because good musicians are not getting the opportunities they need to become more well-known and make more good music.

When in 2004 a band formed, it was like they had to run from the crowd of record labels trying to sign them. Nowadays you can have a fanbase built by yourself, enough songs for 6 full-length albums and yet you may not get signed, despite being good. This really sucks.

But it’s not what this post is meant to be about.

I was looking through Spotify the other night, just sort of clicking through related artists and I found so many bands I had forgotten about!

So here I want to share my favourite emo-era bands, excluding the obvious ones. With obvious ones I mean MCR, FOB, Panic!, Paramore and the likes as of course they are great, but they’re so big and widely known that there is no point listing them.

I want this post to be more about those who may have been forgotten about, because maybe they broke up once the emo high time had finished, or maybe because people look back at them as  ‘one of those emo bands’.

But let me tell you, some of those ‘emo bands’ were really fucking good, as I will prove now.

1)   My American Heart

Whenever I mention that I like them it is like people frown upon me. But let me tell you. If the album ‘Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather’ was released today I would dance in a circle because such brilliant, exciting and catchy melodies are not that easily found in today’s rock scene.

These guys had something special and the whole album ‘Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather’ is an absolute winner.

No bad song or filler in there. Be careful though, once you listen to the thing you may become an obsessive fan and that may be sad as they broke up many moons ago.

Listen To ‘Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather’ (Full Album)

2)   The Click Five

I had totally forgotten about these guys until yesterday. So glad I found them again. I remember they already got some bad rep in emo days for being so ‘pop’ and ‘sleek looking’, but to be honest, who cares?

I used to listen to them all the time. The harmonies are beautiful and again, if this came out today I’d be over the moon. Give ‘Modern Minds and Pastimes’ a listen.

But sadly, again, be careful to not obsess, they also are not making music together anymore. Sad face.

 Listen To ‘Modern Minds and Pastimes’ (Full Album) 

3)   The Starting Line

Yeah I guess these guys are a bit more well known, but again, no one really talks about them anymore. Let’s change that.

Their 2007 release ‘Direction’ is a super solid record that anyone should know. But I always find that the song ‘Left Coast Envy’ off of ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ is probably one of the most nostalgic songs ever. Give it a listen.

Listen To ‘Left Coast Envy’

4)   The Summer Set

Again. ‘Chelsea’ is one of those songs. If you grew up in this emo era then I am pretty positive you will have heard this song. And danced to it embarrassingly at someone’s house party whilst pretending you liked beer… ehm.

Listen To ‘Chelsea’

5)   Boys Night Out

Oh yeah. The album ‘Trainwreck’ is just great. And ‘Composing’ is probably my favourite song on that album.

Listen To ‘Composing’

6)   Saosin

I was such a fan of those guys and went to see them live at some point in 2007. They don’t really have a bad song, even though it’s gotta be your cup of tea. I guess the most famous song of theirs would be ‘Seven Years’. Or maybe ‘Voices?’ Either way, get on that shit!

 Listen To ‘Seven Years’

7)   From First To Last

‘FFTL she says? But they were huge, everyone knows them, they were that band that Skrillex used to be an emo in.’

YEAH RIGHT, but I don’t mean the From First To Last that Sonny was in. I mean the FFTL after he left. They released a Self-Titled album with Matt Good singing that for some reason got really bad reviews and never got anywhere.

But I tell you, that album is full of bangers, just gotta give it a chance.

‘Two As One’ is a brilliant track and I hate that no one ever remembers it.

 Listen To ‘Two As One’

I probably forgot at least 10 bands. Please reblog and comment the ones you think need to be included ;)

And now let’s sit in the corner and cry because it is 2014.

Long live emo.


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Much deserved and well overdue you guys :) <3


Oh shiiiiit who let Phantom onto Spotify!? Add it to your pre-drinks playlists, get the party started!

'Skinny Shaming'

Yeah. Maybe there is ‘skinny privilege’. Maybe society generally does idealise this shape. Maybe, yes, most media suggests being skinny is great. BUT. BUT! Does it really make it okay to insult skinny people? Can we just assume that, because they’re skinny, hence approved by society, they’re also happy? That is like thinking all famous and rich people are happy too, but recent happenings have proven this wrong. So I say, just stop shaming. No matter what. You should not shame anyone, no matter for what reason. 

Telling someone skinny that they have no reason to be upset about skinny shaming is literally like telling someone rich that they’re not allowed to be unhappy.

You can be skinny and still broken inside. Some people do not choose to be a certain size, sometimes it is just genetics. And it doesn’t help those people to ‘open a magazine and seeing their shape glorified’. Fuck that. Like everyone seeks society’s approval! What people seek is their own approval. And if someone isn’t happy with how they look, then that is valid and they shouldn’t be insulted just because most people would love to look like them. 

You can be a model and still loathe your reflection in the mirror. It’s not all that black and white.

When do people stop being so fucking ignorant. I am all for promoting self-acceptance and all that. But in order to promote something, you don’t need to bring the opposite down. If you want to advertise for pizza, don’t write a hate campaign on pasta just because ‘everyone loves pasta’. Easy. 

This has been a post.

what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?


I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised


I’ve got a photo in kerrang! this week. Page 6. :)

I’ve got a photo in kerrang! this week. Page 6. :)


Kerrang! have lifted the lid on our new album!!Visit HERE for details: http://www.kerrang.com/21716/fearless-vampire-killers-preview-new-album/